On Sunday 4th July, after numerous setbacks and changes to government policies, our students were finally back on stage! 

“Not Giving In!” was a celebration of the incredible resilience of all our students over the past 18 months and how amazingly well they adapted to every challenge. 

Their strength and determination to continue to dance and do the thing they love through such hardships is inspiring and the title of the show has really said it all over the last few months.  No matter what, we are not going to give in! 

I am incredibly proud to have been able to get these students back on stage where they belong. 

We are especially proud of the Disney Troupe who very sadly were not able to perform at Disneyland Paris as planned last year.  They shone on the Elgiva stage and we are determined to make it back to Disney one day! 

Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to all parents and children for their support and commitment throughout this year!

Maggie Monk School of Dancing

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